Our Amazing Partners

Guilda Bot

A comprehensive Discord bot that makes managing your community effortless and efficient. With its all-in-one approach, Guilda provides you with everything you need to set up!

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Project Sloth

Passionate developers and designers with a primary focus on providing quality resources. Our resources are open source and entirely free for all of the FiveM community to enjoy and use.

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Snipe Scripts

Snipe Scripts is a well-known and respected provider of FiveM scripts, and we are excited to be working with them to offer our customers even more value.

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Dipzzy Mapping

We offer a wide variety of services, from Custom Mapping for clients to Cinematic videos. Creating and elevating your FiveM experience by providing to you with low cost, high quality maps and cinematics.

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m-Scripts is a project started in February, which came with the aim of improving your server with its scripts. What stands out the most in the scripts is the level system, the jobs or even the heist's.

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Malibu Tech

Malib├╣ Tech comes from the desire of a group of friends who wanted to test themselves as developers on a new environment starting from the scratch.

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Project Insomnia

Project-Insomnia aims to deliver an unprecedented experience for the FiveM community that they never thought could be achieved on this platform.

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Sinners Mod Shop

Sinners Mod Shop is a British server that focuses on professional EUP services. We also host a professional and responsive staff team for all your product enquiries and needs.

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Uniq Development

We are a team driven by passion, commitment, and a love for developing a custom-made resources that elevate your player's gaming experience to new heights.

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Brums Props

Custom high quality props! The best fiveM props! Custom requests at very low prices and quality textures.

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GKSPhone and many other scripts are made, sold and developed. We strive to satisfy our customers at the highest level by adding new products and keeping the products we sell always up to date.

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Pickle Mods

A creator focused on creating quality resources for great prices. In fact, many of their scripts are even free! They have a lot of scripts to choose from, most recently they have made Firefighter Job!

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Gigachad Scripts

Serving over 1,000 customers delivering custom scripts and constant support! Custom commissions, server development, programming lessons and bug fix requests.

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Lixeiro charmoso

This is a script store for FiveM where you can find many quality products to make your server even better.

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OBug Scripts

We are a leading provider of FiveM resources, offering top-quality scripts to customers around the world. We have built our reputation on providing top-notch UI/UX scripts and a friendly customer support.

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For Applying

Scripts Developers with an established Tebex store and Discord community. Minimum 500 Discord members.

All other developers with a well established and developed communities. Minimum 500 Discord members.

Other well established and developed communities. Minimum 2,000 Discord members.

YouTuber with at least 1,500 subscribers with an active high view count

Twitch Streamer with at least 2,000 followers with high views per stream.

Small business owner with an existing customer base and good reputation.

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