Service Level Agreement

Last Revised: April 2023

1 of 1 Servers can guarantee a level of service within certain guidelines. Listed below are the specifications and performance levels you can expect from 1 of 1 Servers:

1. Coverage

We anticipate that our services will be available at least 99.90% of any given month. In the event that services become unavailable for more than 0.10% of any given month, a client may request to be compensated.

Our SLA only covers interruptions for the following services, and only when they are directly purchased from us and not through a reseller.

2. Scope of the SLA

Our SLA only applies to the following types of interruptions:

Network - We guarantee that our network will be available to all applicable services at least 99.90% of any given month.

Hardware - We guarantee that our physical hardware will be available to all applicable services at least 99.90% of any given month.

The SLA is only valid for direct clients. We cannot be held liable for downtime caused by any reseller of our services. We may choose, without prejudice, to compensate for outages that fall outside of this policy.

3. SLA Limitations

Our SLA does not apply under the following circumstances:

Planned Maintenance - We announce all planned maintenance such as server restarts with advance notice via email and/or on our website, thus this is not covered.

Software error/failures - We do not cover errors, crashes or any service interruptions caused by software.

Interruptions caused by the client - We do not cover issues caused by the client such as interruptions caused by installing third-party files/plugins and software or custom scripts.

Third party products and/or services - We do not cover issues and/or interruptions on any third-party provided service.

DDoS / DoS Attacks - Networking issues resulting from DDoS or DoS attacks targeted at a customer services are not eligible under any circumstances. We may null route the service IP address to protect its network from attacks of large magnitude. Downtime resulting from attacks not directly targeting other customers services or our network, however, are covered by our SLA.

Customer network issues - We do not cover the inability to connect to our services due to issues on the customer's network side.

Exceeding allocated resources - Interruptions caused due to the affected service using more resources than the assigned and available are not covered.

Service suspension - We do not cover interruptions caused by service suspensions caused by violations to our terms of service and/or overdue payments.

Acts of God - We do not cover interruptions caused by weather, natural disasters, or any other disaster outside of our control.

4. Non-compliance Refunds

In the event of non-compliance, the client will be refunded as per the terms listed below:

Customers requesting compensation for downtime must open a ticket with our billing department within seven (7) days of the downtime incident to receive such extension.

All SLA claims will be investigated. The outcome of such claims will be decided at our sole discretion.

Any SLA claims we deem to be fraudulent will be rejected, your services canceled and terminated.

We reserve the right to deny any SLA claim if we believe the customer has purposely attempted to cause a service disruption.

Our SLA is only valid and available for direct clients of our company. We are not liable for any downtime caused by a resellers of our services.

Any errors, typos, or contradictory statements/policies will be handle on case by case scenario by our staff team.

Formal Enquiries

All formal enquiries, including those of a legal nature, should be directed to: [email protected]

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